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My name is Ben Holland. I draw pictures of places I like. Those places are generally in Northern England though I have been to other places too and liked those as well. Just not enough to draw them.

Previously I have released work under the moniker of 'Low Moon Over High Town'. It was, on reflection, a highly unmemorable brand name. Therefore I've decided to rebrand as.... wait for it... myself. The audience gasps. Or just stare blankly and stop reading. Either or.

I was born in Lancaster (to parents from Blackburn and the Lake District), grew up near Liverpool, moved to Newcastle and am now married to a Middlesbrough fan and we live, pretty happily to be fair, in Whitley Bay. 

I shall soon be opening a new gallery on Park View, Whitley Bay in the Autumn of 2022. Watch this space. Actually, don't... do something better.